Peak Performance Self-Maintenance Checklist

  • Change your air filters every 4-6 weeks.
  • Keep plants, weeds, and other debris at least one foot from your outdoor compressor.
  • Be sure nothing is stacked on top of your outdoor compressor like garden hoses, lawn furniture, toys, or garbage bags.
  • Remove dust from your return air grills to extend the efficiency of your filters. Be sure to turn off your thermostat before the cleaning to avoid dust pulling into your air supply.
  • Remove any obstructions in front of your indoor return air grills like furniture or curtains.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector (or have one installed) to detect any leaks of this colorless, odorless gas in your home which could be deadly.
  • Before the hot and cold seasons hit, be sure to run your air system to ensure it is operating properly. That way, you can take care of any issues before you are left uncomfortable in the extreme heat or cold.
  • Schedule your professional system checks in the Spring and Fall before the contractor’s busy seasons starts.
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